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Stevia Sugar Free Homemade Soda With All Natural Sweet Drops!

Posted by Administrator on 9/5/2012

Most commercial sodas are filled with sugar, artificial ingredients and chemicals. These ingredients can cause terrible consequences on the soda drinker's body. A 2009 Harvard School of Public Health study linked soda consumption with obesity in adults. Researchers also found women who drank soft drinks daily had twice the risk of diabetes compared to those who drank little or no soda.

Luckily, avoiding commercial soda doesn't mean you have to give up soda for good. Homemade soda is not only much more nutritious than the commercially bought product, it is also fun and easy
to make. Making your own soda will allow you to substitute stevia for sugar and experiment with many different exciting recipes.

What you'll need:
  • Flavored or Plain Seltzer Water
  • Liquid Flavored Stevia

Simply blend the two base ingredients together to make a flavor of your choice. Use as much stevia as you desire, remembering too much can become bitter tasting.

Flavor ideas:

  • Black Cherry Lime seltzer and Plain Liquid Stevia.
  • Creme Soda (Plain seltzer water and English Toffee Liquid Stevia)
  • Root Beer Soda (Plain seltzer water and Root Beer Liquid Stevia)
  • Cola (Plain seltzer water and Cola Flavored Liquid Stevia)
  • Orange Soda (Plain seltzer water and Valencia Orange Liquid Stevia)

Have your own favorite flavor?  Share in the comments section below!


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Source:  ehow.com

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