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Pokeweed for Weight Loss, Water Retention and Detox

Posted by Administrator on 6/25/2015

Phytolacca decandra, also known as
Pokeweed, is used for weight loss because it promotes the removal of catabolic wastes from within the body, aka. helps in the detoxification process. This improvement in elimination improves overall health and assists in the prevention of skin infections and other diseases caused by buildup of toxic chemical compounds and waste materials in the body by stimulating the lymphatic system.  Many common conditions such as eczema and psoriasis have been known to clear up by stimulating the lymphatic system and the removal of these toxins.

Lymphatic drainage
Lymph nodes are powerhouses of the body, regulating fats, sending out white blood cells to heal, and disposing of bacteria, but when the body has a hard time removing lymph, it causes swelling, water retention, and discomfort.  Sometimes, the body needs a bit of help to get this system moving optimally. Exercise is the easiest way to stimulate lymph flow and herbal remedies can help as well.

Emotionally, Pokeweed can be helpful for individuals who are
slow moving, tired and often an indifference to life.

D87 Natural Home Remedy for Water Retention and Weight Loss

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