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How to Melt Female Mid-Section Fat Gain

Posted by on 8/21/2016
 How to Melt Female Mid-Section Fat Gain

With a combination of age, stress, and environmental estrogen mimicking compounds (found in beauty products and household cleaning supplies, as well as processed foods) several things begin to occur.  

The ovaries begin to decrease their production of estrogen and progesterone, and fat cells produce more estrogen by an enzyme called aromatse, creating more and more of an estrogen and progesterone imbalance, further pushing the body towards estrogen dominance. At the same time slimming and muscle building hormones, like human growth hormone (HGH) and DHEA, decline.
Together this creates the perfect storm for female related fat gain and most of it occurs in the mid-section.

Eat right and train smart for optimal results.
This means increasing vegetables as well as training with weights over cardio.  

Estrogen (and progresterone) have receptors sites in the brain that influence neurotransmitters:
  • GABA (neurotransmitter responsible for the regulation of muscle tone),
  • Serotonin (neurotransmitter responsible for the feelings of well-being and happiness), and
  • Dopamine (neurotransmitter that affects emotions, movements and sensations of pleasure and pain) as well as increases cravings for sweet and fatty foods.  
Instead of gorging on candy, potato chips and other junk food during your menstrual cycle, try unsweetened cocoa powder & BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) supplements mixed in water.  This will raise neurotransmitters without the excess calories from junk food (cocoa raises serotonin and dopamine (likely why we crave chocolate) and BCAA's increases GABA.  
Fixing the problem:
1. Decrease exposure to estrogens in the diet and environment, including plastic bottles, coffee, soy, pesticides, sodas and meats & dairy (which naturally contain exogenous hormones).
2. Detoxify excess estrogen from the body by increasing green tea, cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc.) and fiber, and by decreasing dairy and grains.
3. Decrease insulin by decreasing most grains and starches, and replace them with fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of filtered water (not out of a plastic bottle) and green tea, and reduce consumption of coffee, sodas and other sugar sweetened drinks.
4.  Decrease cortisol by lowering stress levels through yoga, meditation, long walks, etc.
5. Supplement with Vitamin D-3MK7, and Omega-3 and EPA-DHA supplement to protect bones, decrease inflammation, protect against heart disease and cancer, and balance female hormones.
6.  Weight training is perhaps the most important aspect (especially to stop belly fat that accumulates during aging).  HGH is to women what testosterone is to men.  It keeps you looking young, lean, and firm. Once progesterone levels fall due to stress, menopause, or other factors, HGH is all that is left to keep belly fat in check.  Women falsely believe less intense exercise like walking and yoga will give them the desired “look” of their younger years. While these activities are extremely healthy, they will not be adequate to generate the hormonal effect needed to raise HGH. However, they will work in combination with more intense exercise to lower the negative impact of stress/cortisol.

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 How to Melt Female Mid-Section Fat Gain
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