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How to Handle PMS Cravings!

Posted by on 3/7/2015
Chocolate...sugar...peanut butter!  We all get them - PMS cravings can empty the candy shelves at the grocery store in the blink of an eye and send us spiraling into a sugar induced coma.  I get the same crazy sugar cravings around my menstrual cycle, particularly at night.  


Here are a few tips to help you curb the cravings beast:


1.  Stock up on low or no sugar snacks and drinks. 
La Croix mineral waters, Veri soda and Zevia are great soda replacements.  They are stevia sweetened, very low in carbs and will help avoid late night binging on sweets. 
In addition to mineral waters and stevia soda, I keep a cupboard full of different flavored tea's, as well as plenty of Kombucha tea.  Target sells the GT brand kombucha and the multi-green is the best flavor.  Coconut Water is also a great naturally sweet beverage to keep on hand.
Favorite home made treats/snacks include:
  • Oatmeal cookies topped with SunSpire 65% Cacao Chocolate Chips 
  • Sweet potato brownies and Fudgy flourless brownies.  
  • Nice Cream - blend frozen bananas to make a great dairy free ice cream.  Mix in protein powder, chocolate chips, or berries, or granola.
  • Low calorie Berry Ice Cream is AMAZING! 
  • Mix greek yogurt with granola, fresh fruit, raw honey, or Coconut Sugar.
Home made treats will contain far less sugar and artificial ingredients than store bought brands so I perfer to make them myself.

If you prefer the convenience of store bought, here are a few of my favorites:

Navitas Naturals Power Snacks – these delicious square bites of heaven are primarily date and nut/seed based so they are great to bring to work, school or errands.

Go Raw Chips and Go Raw Bars.  These crispy, crunchy snacks are packed full of nutrients and are wheat and dairy free.  Go-Raw products are Organic, Non-GMO and Raw, so they are not technically cooked.  Go raw products are dried or “dehydrated” and never over a temperature of 105 degrees in order to preserve the nutritional value and natural enzymes.  Go Raw also allows all the seeds used in their products grow to sprout.  Seeds are already packed with nutrients, but by sprouting them, their nutritional value multiplies.  Sprouted seeds are much easier to digest and are full of additional enzymes.  

My favorite flavor is Carrot Cake


2.  Chocolate cravings are often a sign of magnesium deficiency.   Consider supplementing with magnesium, or simply making a green smoothie each day.


3.  Lack of sleep leads to carb cravings.  Many times we have no control over the amount of sleep we get, but do your best to turn the computer off, tuck your phone away and get to bed as early as possible. Yoga and meditation help relax the body and clear your mind for a night of deep sleep.


4.  Finally, cut yourself a break.  Lack of energy, bloating, food cravings, let's face it, this will not be your best week.  You've got cramps to deal with and you diet won't be all egg whites and veggies.  Do your best to stay on track and once that week is over, I hit the gym HARD!

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