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How Amino Acids Help You Drop the Pounds

Posted by Administrator on 5/30/2015
Amino acids are at the core of every cell in the body and are necessary for cell growth and repair.  Intake of amino acids during weight loss insures you won't lose muscle while losing fat.  This is important because the amount of lean muscle your body has, the higher your resting metabolic rate (i.e. the higher your metabolism), so when it comes to muscle, the more the better!  Make sure you are adding weight training exercises to your daily exercise program.

If any essential amino acids are missing from your diet, your metabolism and all of your body systems will be affected.  For example, amino acids work hand-in-hand with insulin to keep your metabolism balanced.  Any interruption in either process can alter your metabolism, slowing it down and when that happens, you'll begin to gain weight. 

   How Do Amino Acids Aid In Weight Loss?

  • Tyrosine and Phenylalanine work together to create active amines including epinephrine, dopamine and norepinephrine.  Epinephrine acts as a natural appetite suppressant, phenylalanine regulates the brain's ability to recognize hunger or fullness and phenylalanine also gives the body a desire to remain at the appropriate weight once it has been attained.
  • Carnitine prevents fat from being stored by causing it to be transported to the mitochondria in your cells, which convert the fat into energy.
  • Tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin.  Serotonin alerts the body to fullness.  If you're battling carbohydrate cravings while trying to drop those extra pounds, then amino acid, tryptophan, can be a valuable aid since it naturally decreases your desire for carbohydrates.  Did you know lack of sleep can cause an increase in appetite (especially for carbs)?  Tryptophan is often cited as the amino acid in turkey that causes you to fall asleep after Thanksgiving dinner. This sedative effect can be helpful for weight loss, as sleep helps regulate hormone and insulin levels and ensures proper glucose metabolism.
  • Tyrosine stimulates the production and release of catecholamines, which are hormones that speed up your metabolism and initiate fat burning.
  • Threonine stabilizes your blood sugar so your liver can convert it into glucose. Taking supplements of magnesium and vitamin B-6 aid threonine's metabolic function.
  • Leucine is the key amino acid in initiating protein synthesis in your body.  This action in and of itself burns a lot of calories.  Leucine is also important in retaining muscle mass (which improves metabolism) and increasing feelings of satiety (reduces hunger).

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