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Homeopathic Remedies can help you! Read reviews from customers.

Posted by Administrator on 3/24/2013
Did you know eVitaminMarket carries
over 500 Natural Homeopathic Remedies?

From Allergies to Thyroid Support, we have a natural remedy that can help! 
 Here's what customers have to say!
Anxiety Med Homeopathic (Restlessness, Fright, Anxiety) 
  "I love this product. It has been an excellent support to me while I have been tapering off prescription anti-anxiety medications. I highly recommend it. No side effects, just less anxiety."
 - Andrea from Colorado

Thyroid Thymus Parathyroid Homeopathic
 "By taking this supplement I was able to get totally off the prescription drug Synthroid which I had been taking for several years. I would highly recommend this supplement."
 - Pamela from AZ

 "My wife is taking this product and it has been helping to support her health. She has chronic fatigue and her digestion is not strong, so to have the supplement in liquid form is a benefit for her. She takes it away from meals and holds it under her tongue for 30 sec before swallowing. The taste is not bad, either."
 - John from IL
FEM Liquitrophic Homeopathic (female balance)  
 "This is my first bottle of FEM Liquitrophic. It was recommended to me for female balancing during an energy scan. I really like how taking it balances my moods. I am currently taking it daily and plan on continuing..it seems to be working!"
 - Paula from California 

Why Homeopathy?   


  • 100% Natural
  • No drug interactions   
  • Non-habit forming
  • They can be taken by nearly anyone at any time, from children (See Our Kidiral line) to adults.
  • Effective for Acute and Chronic Illness  
  • High margin of safety
  • No side effects
  • Inexpensive

  Fem M Homeopathic (Menopausal conditions)
  "Purchased for hot flashes and it works great! Take half a dropper in morning and at night and seems to work just great."
 - C Pasa from Massachusetts

Pain Med Homeopathic (Aches and Pains) 
  "I've been using PAIN MED for arthritis symptoms which my medical doctor says is a result of Lupus. It helps me much better than the Loritab he gave me for pain. The PAIN MED also helps me to sleep better."
 - Tina from Louisiana

Sciatica Med Homeopathic (Sciatic Pain) 
 "I have periodic pain in my lower right sciatica which travels down my leg. After taking this remedy I am free of pain and would recommend this product to anyone experiencing these symptoms."
 - Jody from California

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D-1 Homeopathic (Inflammation, Injury)
 "My daughter and I have both used these drops for many years. They are very effective, in combination with other drops, in relieving my daughter's seasonal allergies almost completely, and in reducing symptoms that are made worse by inflammation."
 -Leah from New York

D-16 Homeopathic (Migraine headaches) 
"I get migraines too often to enjoy life, so I started taking this product, it seems to be helping, I do not get headaches that often, I have gotten one but, I think it was too much coffee, this product seems to help me NOT crave coffee and when I have started to get one, I take every 20 or so minutes and it does not come one strongly, I have cut down on Excedrin, I am not sure how long I should continue taking, this is my second bottle."
- Rosalie Garcia from California 

Bacteria Fuge Homeopathic 
"My family has used this product for years. We have found nothing better for shortening the duration of a cold or the flu and decreasing symptons. There are no unpleasant side effects and we always keep an extra bottle on hand to share with others."
- Norah from Sierra County

Viral Fuge Homeopathic (virus)
 "I have used this product, Viral Fuge every year at the beginning of Flu season for the past 23 years!!! It has been amazing, like a vaccine for me and my entire family and we get through every season without a touch of the Flu. I know it has everything to do with this superb product. I tell all my friends about it as well."
 - Melissa from BC Canada

Sore Throat Med Homeopathic (Throat Inflammation and Hoarseness) 
"I ordered this item due to severe sore throat when I get colds. It does not hurt the throat when sprayed. It works quickly to ease the uncomfortable feeling of a dry throat. I usually have sore throat for a couple of weeks during illness but with the use of this spray up to 4 times a day my throat was feeling fine in 3 days even though I was still sick. I would recommend this product, when you have other aches at least your throat will feel good!"
 - Jody from California

Naso-I Homeopathic (Rhinitis, Sinusitis) 
 "My husband and I both have various allergies, and the occasional common cold. We tried Naso-I at the recommendation of our health care professional. It has been working wonderfully as a natural antihistamine. We have had no negative side affects whatsoever, which means we have had none of the annoying drowsiness or grogginess of most over-the-counter antihistamines. We have found it to be completely safe to drive or work while taking Naso-I, and it is homeopathic - which means, working with the body in a natural way. Love this product."
 - Karen from IL

Sinuses Homeopathic 
"Dr Recommends Sinuses is a great effective product for managing pesky sinus problems. I have been using it for a little over a year now. This product is a great replacement for pharmaceuticals with no damaging side effects."
 - Daviann from Kansas 

Arrhythmia Med Homeopathic (Chest Pain, Arrhythmia, Heart Palpitations) 
"I recently began taking Arrhythmia Med after being on heart medication for arrhythmias and chest pain for 10 years. Even on very strong medications and after 2 surgeries, I still struggled with arrhythmias on a daily basis. This remedy has made a huge impact on my health. I am down to one heart medication taken once daily from 3 taken 3 times daily and am not having arrhythmias! I did all of this under careful observation of my medical team but WOW! this has been a life changer!"
 - Andrea from Colorado

Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus Homeopathic 
"Good Product.  I was hesitant of Dr. Recommends products at first, but I have found them to be effective. I have not had a lot of time to see the effect of this particular product, but I used the Liver/Gallbladder which helped things flow better."
 - Angelina from Gatlinburg


Liver Gallbladder Homeopathic
 "Having a healthy liver and gallbladder is very important. After having my gallbladder removed three years ago, i felt pain in that area when i ate certain foods. Since taking this product, i have had no pain, and i feel that my digestion is better."
 - Allison from Redmond

"Since having my gallbladder out, it feels a very necessary thing to do to take this product AND I feel it truly works in protecting the liver and helping it take over where the gallbladder is absent!"
 - Carole from Manchester,England

  Olfactory Sensitivity (Sense of Smell) Homeopathic Remedy
"My main problem is that I have no taste or smell at all no matter the time of year. I also have asthma. I was surprised to find out that whenever I had an asthma attack, the remedy cleared it up immediately. Which surprised me greatly, because with any other asthmatic medication it would take at least 20 minutes to clear up an attack. This is a very strong remedy, and when taken every 4 hours every day, it can help clear of sinusitis, post nasal drip and asthma.
- Elise from Northern New Jersey 

  Aroma AllerMed Homeopathic (Strong odor sensitivity) 

"This is the second bottle I have purchased and I am experiencing less headache due to strong odors, I am pleased with the product, I used to get migraines when I got exposed to strong odors, perfumes etc
. This seems to be helping, I still get annoyed with perfumes etc, but I don't feel an immediate headache coming on, it seems to be helping." 
 - Rosalie from California



* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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