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Get Rid of Belly Bloat!

Posted by Administrator on 6/3/2013
Belly Bloat...it can be uncomfortable, not to mention unsightly. 

So what can you do?   
1. Eat more fiber.  Depending on your gender and age, you should try to consume 20-38 grams of fiber per day.  5 servings of fiber each day will help you stay regular and beat the bloat! 
Foods high in fiber include:
  • Fibrous Fruits and Vegetables such as Apples, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and Kale.  
  • Whole Wheat 
  • Lentils 
  • Nuts and Seeds  

2.  Jump start a sluggish colon with a natural herbal or homeopathic formula such as Colon Cleanse & Detox Formula to jump start a sluggish colon, Carminative Homeopathic  for stomach & bowel congestion,

or  D-5 Homeopathic for frequent belching, flatulence & indigestion.    

3.  Eliminate refined white sugar.   Sugar can trigger stomach bloat and flatulence.  Fructose (a sugar naturally present in most fruits) and Lactose (a naturally occurring sugar found in dairy products) may contribute to bloating and gas as well. Instead, try an all natural sweetener such as Sweetleaf Stevia


 4.  Drink more water.  Water will help you flush out excess salt and keep things moving.  Hate the taste of plain water?  Add a slice of lemon, lime, orange or your favorite fruit to spruce it up, or try Sweet Drops Water Pack for a sweet, refreshing, sugar free taste! 




* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  

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