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Foods that provide natural colon cleansing for good health.

Posted by Administrator on 9/16/2012

Chronic constipation and irregularity have become a major problem here in the United States. Our diets often consist of highly processed, nutrient and fiber deficient foods.  Many of these foods are not conducive to a healthy digestive system.  The best way to keep the colon clean is to incorporate naturally colon cleansing and detoxifying foods into your daily diet. 

One such food is the mango fruit. Mango is a 
delicious exotic fruit that has an extremely sweet taste and deep orange color.  It has a soft consistency and a distinctive tangy zing. Mango has long been used as a folk remedy to relieve constipation, as it possesses laxative properties.

Another excellent food which helps restore regularity and "keeps things moving" is natural, probiotic yogurt. It is important to choose a yogurt that is minimally processed, as processed and multi-ingredient yogurts typically do not give the same benefit. The majority of common mass marketed probiotic yogurts are pasteurized and contain many stabilizers and sweetening agents.  The abundance of sugars completely defeat the purpose, since probiotics help reduce the unfriendly effects of sugar. The healthy flora are many times not able to live through the pasteurization process.

These healthy bacteria can colonize in the intestines and battle constipation as well as gastrointestinal discomfort. Fermented foods such as kefir and unpasteurized, cultured butter that is made from the milk fat of grass fed cows is also a great probiotic source.

Flax seed is also an easy way to get extra fiber and colon-friendly nutrients into your diet.  Ground flax seed can be added to smoothies or cereal and sprinkled on most foods without intruding too much on the flavor. Flax seed is a powerhouse of healthy protein, essential fatty acids and fiber. It is easily digested and can keep you full for hours. 

Flax seed is one of the best foods you can consume for colon and intestinal health, as it acts as a natural, non-irritating laxative.  The fibrous, grainy texture of flax seed also acts as a natural scrubbing and cleansing agent for the walls of the colon and intestines, helping to keep them free of debris. It is unique in the world of grains in that is contains the highest concentration of lignans. Lignans are anti-fungal, anti-cancer, and anti-viral micronutrients.

Fruits that are rich in fiber, easily bulk up and create extra volume or that act as a natural lubricant are also good choices for colon health. Organic apples, grapes, pineapples, papaya and kiwi are good for the entire digestive system. These fruits not only contain fiber, but some also contain valuable enzymes that help maintain regularity.

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Source: http://www.naturalnews.com


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